Radiologist salary

How much does a radiologist make?

Many people want to go into the field of radiology, because the income expected out of this particular profession is quite high. Moreover, people who have a passion for a medical profession will also find becoming a radiologist quite interesting. Of course, there are many steps that one has to undergo to make it to having a top-notch radiologist career, including medical school. In fact, one has to understand that before even choosing a med school, one has to work hard, throughout high school and get proper courses and good grades, in order to succeed. However, you should not look into the idea of how much money you will make, when you become a radiologist. You need to understand that this profession requires a lot of work and hard work.

The salaries of a radiologist will tend to vary between among the different types of fields associated within radiology. However, the average radiologist yearly salary is quite high, but it will vary, according to the amount of education you have received. Moreover, you will also need to understand that there are radiologists' technicians, radiologists MD, radiologists' physicians and radiologists' assistants. These require different amount of education, and in effect, they pay different salaries.

Who is a radiologist?

A radiologist is a medical profession, who performs disease diagnosis from the images taken, using different radiography technique, which involves medical imaging, X-rays and other such techniques. Moreover, the radiologist analyzes and determines the problem in a particular patient. They may also diagnose a particular treatment for a radiologist. If you want to find out the radiologist yearly salary, then you should know that you can make around $84000 per year in the United States of America. However, you should also understand that different departments within the United States have given different estimates. These will be discussed below. It is essential to discuss the factors, which influence the salaries of a radiologist.

Variables that affect how much radiologists make

There are different factors that account towards the salary of a radiologist. The first factor includes the location. The highest salary for a radiologist is $114,000 in the Virgin Islands. Mississippi with $105,000 and District of Columbia and West Virginal make around $103,000. These states give out the highest average radiologist yearly salary. However, if you are thinking of becoming a radiologist in New York, then you can hope to make around $99,000 and in Virginia, around $90,000 per year. These figures are quite high.

Additionally, you will find that the experience and education matters quite a lot. If you have gotten into medical school, which is recognized, then you can make sure that your earnings will be quite high. Moreover, the greater experience you have in the field of radiology, you will find that you are making much more money. The demand for radiologists are expected to rise in the year 2012, which means that how much money does a radiologist make will continue to increase.

Moreover, if you are having a private practice, then you will find that your income may be higher. However, initially, you may need to charge less, to draw patients to your practice. Your name should be recognized enough in the field of radiology, for you to open up such a practice. Nevertheless, you can hope to make an amount up to $159,000. If you are working in a public hospital, you will tend to make less amount of money. If you are working in a private hospital, how much money you make will greatly increase.

The different types of radiology careers also contribute towards the determination of the salaries. Salary for diagnostic radiologists will come up to around $79,000. If you have specialized in a certain area during your fellow ship, then a radiologist will make more money. For example, the salary of a breast-imaging radiologist will come up to $162,000. Even a general radiologist can hop to achieve that amount. A radiology tech can hope to make around $80,000. Therefore, this field is lucrative, when it comes to the radiologist yearly salary.

You will also see that if you have any specialty, then you can hope to make more salary. Therefore, if you want to become a radiologist, who gets paid high, then you should think of specializing. Special training usually takes up to one or years to complete. If you are working as a physician in a private sector hospital, a radiologist can make around $600,000 per year. An interventional radiologist (one who prescribes treatment) can make up to around $560,000. Radiologists can choose different specialties, such as breast imaging, emergency radiology, musculoskeletal radiology, chest radiology, radiation oncology, gastrointestinal radiology, head and neck radiology, radiation oncology and nuclear radiology, among others.

Salaries of a particular field within radiology

If you are thinking of becoming a radiology technician, then you should know that that the technologist earns quite a bit. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated the figure of the earnings of a technologist up to around $53,240 per year. They can make a maximum of $77,440. Therefore, you can realize that this particular figure is quite hefty.

If you want to take the short cut to becoming a radiologist, you can become an assistant. These require only two years of school. In this way, you can hope to make good money, but with little education. You will still need to go to high school, and into medical school, but you will only have two years of study of radiology. Additionally, you will need to sit an examination. You will be astonished at the salary of a radiologist assistant. As the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences states, the average radiologist salary of an assistant can range from $95,000 to $102,000 in 2008. You can also bring it to a maximum of $112,000, with hard work, experience and diligence.

Salary variation by Gender

As in any field, the females tend to be paid less than the females. Therefore, female radiologists make around $370,909 annually. However, males can hope to achieve an average radiologist yearly salary of $400,546. These figures are quoted by Radiology Salary Survey. The difference in salary figure may arise because of the benefits that the females may get in terms of maternity leaves.

Any other benefits?

Not everything should be measured in terms of how much a radiologist make? There are other benefits to the job, especially in a medical profession, because the field is highly respected. You will find that this field will be highly gratifying for you. Although, the starting salary may be low for many radiologists, you will understand that you will feel as if you have done your bit for the society, when you go into this career. You need to take care of the patients properly, which illustrates your passion for the job.

The projected salary scale will continue to rise, especially in particular states of America. Besides your salary, you will also be receiving bonuses and commission.

Education for a radiologist

If you are really thinking of becoming a radiologist, you should always understand the education you need to enter into this field. Now comes the tough part, after making your drool over the salary figures. You will have to spend proper years of study, while you are in high school. Moreover, you will have to complete four years of medical school and four years of undergraduate program from an accredited college. You will need to take courses, such as physics, biology, chemistry and math. Additionally, you will need to have good computer skills, and you will need to be techno savvy to be a radiologist. You will need to have good analytical skills, when you are thinking to become a radiologist. An internship of one year is also required. Radiology residency is also essential, which spans over four years, and it will require extensive radiology. After the residency, you will need to pass the U.S Medical Licensing Examination, before he or she can practice solo. The exam covers areas of subjects, such as physics, anatomy, pathophysiology, and diagnostic radiology. After fifteen months of completing the radiology residency program, centering on diagnostic, you need to take another exam, which focuses on communication skills, radiology essentials, safety, preventing accuracies, ethics and clinical training essentials. Therefore, the road to becoming a radiologist is quite tough.


As you can see the radiologist career is tough to get into, as any med school is. It requires years of training and studying. You may opt for private practice or you may work within a hospital. You may specialize, or you may become an assistant. You may work in a location, which pays more salary. Radiologist yearly salary depends on a variety of factors, as you can see. You need to understand the complexities of this profession, and understand that you are in for a lot of work, if you are thinking of going into this field. However, not everything should be analyzed in terms of how much does a radiologist make.

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